“Our current education system dates back to the Industrial Revolution. At the time, our country needed to prepare its agricultural workers for factory jobs. So we built a school system that catered to the mass production mentality. This education system was efficient and measurable, and it churned out students who were ready to face the demands of our nation’s new economy.

    In today’s age of instant information, the Industrial Revolution is a distant memory. So why is it that we still educate our students as if preparing them for a life of machine and assembly line work? Teaching by rote and following rigid academic agendas doesn’t cut it anymore. To say our scholastic curriculum is outmoded, is putting it nicely.

    Today’s children need to learn the skills that will help them in today’s job market and today’s society. They need to learn how to make decisions on their own, work well with others, and sift through vast amounts of information.

    And this is what happens during our school hours, the focus is more on INTELLECTUAL LEARNING that lasts a life time rather than the age old ACADEMIC LEARNING .. and for parents or outsiders who have this concern of “any way what happens after Grade 8 ? the Rat race begins!!” – NO

    Our children are heads on with their strong foundation of English that supports their Writing skills; with the understanding of concepts and mastery of acquired skills that makes the presentation on paper very easy rather than rote memorised content . Our lesson plans and classroom interactions are prepared with a lot of care, quality, researched content to increase their higher order thinking skills which helps answer the questions in ease.
    We are ready for the RAT RACE but with a different approach .

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Tucked away in the calm neighbourhood of VOC Park on Avinashi Road, housed in an independent building with ample outdoor and indoor spaces is “Lil Pallikkoodam”..

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