15 Sep Sports Activities

Sports and physical activity a part of our curriculum .. put to use on our NATIONAL SPORTS DAY.

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05 Sep Onam Celebration

Our Community in Coimbatore/ India is diverse, it is a mix of different languages , traditions & cultures.
Humans are cultural beings..

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15 Aug Independence Day

"The true wealth of a nation is not in its stored-up gold but in the intellectual and physical strength of its children.." Sir CV Raman, Physicist.
Happy Independence Day ..

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13 Mar Holi Celebration

Children at L'il Pallikkoodam had fun with water play, as a part of the holi celebrations at school...

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26 Feb Our Theatre Performance

Bringing Eric Carle's stories to life...

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13 Jan Pongal celebrations held on 13th January 2017

Pongal celebrations held on 13th January 2017

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About Us

Tucked away in the calm neighbourhood of VOC Park on Avinashi Road, housed in an independent building with ample outdoor and indoor spaces is “Lil Pallikkoodam”..

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