Education is Evolving
Challenges are Evolving
Learning Promotes Neuroplasticity
It is About Building Culture through Authenticity
It fosters a sense of purpose

Educators are a part of the fundamental building blocks that make up society. In order for that foundation to be a sound one, schools need to become places where curiosity can be nurtured and a hunger for learning can be fostered.

Lifelong learning is the answer to building a healthy environment for teachers and learners both inside and outside of the educational context. The more we learn about the world, the more we learn about ourselves.


In keeping with our vision of a 21st-century school, we at Rak’s believe in commemorating, celebrating and remembering the special days or occasions that would instill in the children a sense of pride about our cultural heritage, a quest to become aware of the present and the fervor to naturally uphold universal moral values.

On Teacher’s Day (September 5th ), students welcomed the teachers with warm greetings and surprised them with their impromptu talks about their favorite teachers.

National Sports Day also celebrated during the first week of September was a special opportunity to recall the traditional games of our country. Children played ‘tug-of-war, football and ‘eyes-blind’ with much enthusiasm and gusto.

In preparation for Literacy Fest and ‘Roald Dahl Day’, grades 1-5 were given the chance to choose books, do a book review and masqueraded up as their favorite characters. School-wide DEAR week Drop Everything And Read Reader’s Corner, Writer’s workshop, Stamp making, Floor Scrabble, Quiz and a Newspaper Scavenger Hunt where the happenings of the Literacy week. We were proud (and rightly so!) to see our youngest Raksters (grade I) give a talk on the books they had reviewed.

The newsletter of the last term is in your hands and what a term it has been! It sure was filled with moments and achievements to be proud of time and time again. To have a catch up with just some of these please read our newsletter below. Happy reading!
The month of October saw our Rak’sters come in after their term break with renewed gusto and a spring in their step. The Post Office Day was around the corner and was enough impetus for our students to work collectively and individually in creating their imprint… Students were encouraged to create their own individual stamps and my!-what ingenuity we found in their contributions!!!!! Each and every stamp was truly a strong attestation of our students drive and creativity! Thank you, children! The children took a guided tour of the Coimbatore Post Office – students came back with different stamps – (the ones depicting the story of our epics hogged the limelight) and added knowledge on the various savings schemes available in the post office for them.


World Food Day and National Mathematics Day and World Science Day celebrations were yet another cinchers of the unflinching spirit of teachers and students in their quest for knowledge and enlightenment. On D-day, (October 7), we had several unique events to commemorate both the occasions. Be it the ‘fabric dye unit’ set up by the higher grades witnessed with nothing less than adulation by the lower grades or the traditional South Indian games like the ‘Pallankuzhi’, Rak’sters didn’t seem to have enough of it!


Our subject corners were as usual “uncommonly common”, splendidly refreshing alcoves of creativity enmeshed with factual conspicuousness. Take a sneak peek!!!!


For Halloween, we at Rak’s were determined to ground our children with the facts while allowing them to have a taste of the authentic style of celebrations!!!. The reason behind celebrating this festival was shared with the students during the circle time and they were permitted to attend classes with tattoos/accessories associated with this festival… The evening saw the team-up of the Lil-Pallikkoodam students with the Raks’ters in exhibiting a potpourri of delight…The regalement was surely commendable!!!


This day saw all the children swirling their tongues both in English and their native tongues-it was an elegant dance, or a fumbling ungainly stumble through a linguistic waltz…Students thoroughly enjoyed trying The seventh of November was celebrated asWorld Tongue Twister Day. out the several tongue twisters which their friends had come prepared with… And so did the teachers!

Lauding our Stellar Rak’sters – The mettle of our teachers and their ardent spirit in making each child feel special was again proved beyond doubt on Children’s Day… The teachers of every class made a decorative badge with special slogans highlighting the uniqueness of every child for their students… The students were enthralled with the gifts given – thank you, teachers, for your noteworthy efforts!!!!


Joyous Jaunts: We at Rak’s have the indubitable passion in creating an atmosphere of true learning for our children. Rambling through the woods, clambering up the trees, sallying through slush-filled trenches, lunching under coconut groves and a dance-floor out in the open is our idea of fun banded together with learning!!!!


This term has been a very short one and times has flown by but the children have achieved many things, both in their learning and in extra-curricular activities. As always, all the children continue to be such a credit to the Rak’s Pallikoodam in whatever they do. We appreciate the confidence you have reposed in us. We promise to do better in the next term than we have ever done. We acknowledge the unflinching commitment demonstrated by our staff and remain thankful for their burning desire to deliver to the maximum in the holistic building up of our scholars. To you- our esteemed parents, we assure you that our desire to carry out the best educational practices remains at the pinnacle of our everyday activities. Without your help and tremendous support the school would not be the place it is now. THANK YOU!!!