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The Little Ones seeking admission into the Kindergarten programme at Lil Pallikkoodam are taken through an informal screening process to assess basic skills and abilities that are age appropriate. The focus transcends a child's rendition of rhymes and his flair for colouring a sheet of paper. We look for an overall development of physical, psychomotor, social and emotional skills that attribute to his / her learning with us. We employ child-friendly diagnostic measures to assess age appropriate gross and fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, eye contact, general interaction, clarity in speech and oral responses to simple questions. The purpose of the assessment is not to provide a judgement of the child's abilities, but to gain an understanding of whether the child would achieve his potential in an environment like ours.


As parents, the best thing you would want to do for your children is giving them the right education the right way. We are open to admitting children from 18 months [1.6 years] to 66 months [5.5 years].

The programs include:

Junior Explorers: [2 yrs - 3 yrs]
Explorers: [3 yrs - 4 yrs]
Junior Creators: [4 yrs - 5 yrs]
Creators: [5 yrs - 6 yrs]

Kids with special needs are also welcomed in our school.
Midday snack – a healthy portion of vegetarian snack is provided to the kids at 11 AM, every day.


This is a course in our application process. The child playdate will give you a complete guide of your kid’s second home – staff they would interact with, people they will be with, the management and the school.

We operate on different schedules:

Monday - Friday:
Play Group
8.30 AM - 12 PM
8.30 AM - 12.30 PM

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The Applications for the academic year 2021 - 2022 & 2022 - 2023 are OPEN.

Our vibrant residential campus is purpose-built for the digital age to encourage innovation, promote collaboration and create oneness. It has two separate blocks, for IGCSE and ICSE curricula, and a professional sports arena with indoor and outdoor facilities. The campus is wholly designed to develop skills from everything the kids bump into.
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